Dinner Inspiration, a la CHOPPED


Ok, so I feel like I am living in a Full Time Episode of “Chopped”.  Since we close on our new house this Mon, I am trying to eat as much as possible from our current food selection at the apartment.  We are running low….seriously low.  I had one Spicy & Smokey Chicken Breast leftover from last night.  And I was going to use leftover Mac & Cheese for the kids.  Problem, we couldn’t find the Mac.  I figured Mark had eaten it for lunch, so I was back to the drawing board for the kids.  (we did find it later…..behind the huge water filter.  Lovely.)  So, pancakes it is!  I whipped up my Maple Pancakes super fast with an Egg for Story and an Amish PB Sammy for Dash, on Raisin Toast, of course!!!  And some fresh fruit. (btw….this local Amish PB is TO DIE FOR!!!!  Holy Yummers, ya’ll!!!!!)  Ok, so now, for our Grown Up Dinner, I have a super flavorful Chicken breast, Maple Pancakes…….Eggs……Feta Cheese.  So, here’s whatcha get out of that.  Chopped-Style.

Worcherstirshire Sauce & Coffee

Worcestershire Sauce & Coffee

I knew I had to change up the flavor of the chicken a bit to compliment the Maple Pancakes.  So, first I sliced the chicken and onions and popped them in my cast iron skillet.  This Spicy & Smokey Chicken was packed with so much flavor that I knew I had to enhance it with something pretty strong.  My first thought was worcestershire sauce.  So, some of that went into the skillet.  Then, I thought a bit more….needed something even stronger.  Hummmm…..do I have any leftover coffee in the pot from this morning?  Why yes, yes I do!  Leftover coffee can be utilized in SO MANY WAY!!!  Don’t forget this hidden gem when making sauces, marinades or even baking with chocolate!!!  Amazing enhancer with Chocolate!!!!

3 T Worcestershire Sauce

1/4 Cup Coffee

Then, the Hubby was running late.  I had it thickened and ready to go.  Ok, time for another improvisation!  I thought the flavor of the chicken simmering down was just about perfect with the Maple Pancakes.  So, I hit it with a little bit of the Kona Beer I was drinking!  PERFECT!!!  Won’t let the chicken dry out, but will also compliment the flavors!

Gettin' Happy!!!

Gettin’ Happy!!!

Alright, Alright.  Lookin Good Now!

All I did was Put a Maple Pancake  on the Bottom, Chicken Over, Fried Egg on Top.  Then sprinkled with a little Spicy & Smokey Rub, Feta Cheese & Sunflower Seeds.

Layered it lengthwise so you could see the layers

Plated this one lengthwise so you could see the layers

Plated Normal

Plated Normal


After First Bite.  Egg is PERFECT!!!

After First Bite. Egg is PERFECT!!!

I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious this turned out!  Mark LOVED it!

Wow!!!  See, sometimes getting creative in the kitchen leads to an amazing meal.

CHOPPED Ain’t Got Nothin’ on This Girl!!!

Veg-Tastic Frittata

Veg-Tastic Frittata

One of my wonderful girlfriends and I try to make a girls trip to the beach at least once a year.  Doesn’t always happen, but it’s awesome when it does.  Rachel is an amazing cook and we have so much fun in the kitchen.  She can plate food and turn it into art, beautiful to look at and super tasty to enjoy!  For this frittata, we used all sorts of produce we brought with us from our organic home gardens.  Between the 2 of us, we had all sorts of different options.  From 10 different kinds of peppers, radiant radishes, gorgeous greens, lush lettuces, beautiful & bountiful tomatoes, to herbs galore… and everything in between.  It’s like being in Fresh Organic Culinary Heaven.  A fabulous week with a fabulous person!  

saute ve

Quick Sauté of Vegs in Organic Coconut Oil, S&P

Preheat Oven 350. Simply sauté all the fresh ingredients in an oven safe pan over Med in 2 T Organic Coconut Oil.  Season with salt and pepper.

Veggie Mixture:

We used about a cup of Kale, handful of various peppers, onion, tomato, all sliced.  Cook 2-3 Mins.

Add Minced Garlic.  Cook 1 Min more.

Pour in Egg Mixture over the Kale and Veggies and spread evenly.  Cook about 3-5 Mins on stove.  Gently Scrape/Push the sides of the pan down and redistribute towards the middle.  Do this a few times. You can even lift the egg mixture off the bottom of the pan so it doesn’t burn.  It will start to “set”.  At this point, sprinkle with cheese if using, and pop it into the oven.  It will ‘puff up’ a bit (this is normal…it will deflate and sink when it cools)  It is done when it won’t jiggle in the middle and is completely set.  Should take  30-45 mins depending on size of pan.

Egg Mixture:

6-1o Organic Eggs (or 4 whole eggs + 1 cup egg whites)

1/2 to 1 cup Coconut Milk (or any milk you desire)

1 T Organic Parsley, 2 T Chives (or any herbs you desire)

1-2 T Hot Sauce (more, less, or none to taste)

Salt & Pepper

Whisk to Combine

*You change the amount for the size of the pan you are cooking in.  We used a 12″ skillet.  If you use 10″-12″ you want to use 8- 10 eggs and 1 cup milk and bake 45 mins.  If you are making a smaller frittata, 6″-8″ skillet, you want to use about 6 eggs and 1/2 cup milk and bake 30 mins.

egg muxture

Breakfast is Served!

This is SUCH an easy recipe to change up with fresh ingredients that you need to use.

Change the Kale to Chard.

Use a different Onion….Leeks or Shallots.

HERB CHANGE…always simple.  Use whatever you have fresh and organic on hand! From Thyme to Sage to Chives to Parsley….it doesn’t matter.  They will all be delish.  Dill is tasty, too!  Marjoram is magnificient!!!

Change your Milk.  You can use cow, coconut, rice, almond.  Whatever your dietary restrictions require.

Throw in a habanero!!! Spice it up!

Have leftover potatoes to use??…they are GREAT in frittatas.

Feeling Italian or have leftover pasta noodles (spaghetti, etc).  Throw them in….sounds weird, but it is AMAZING!!!  Don’t forget the fresh Parmesan Cheese!

Bloody Mary with House-Made Pickled Garnish

Bloody Mary with Olives, Celery, Pickled Green Beans & TONS of Horseradish is a excellent accompinament!

Thanks Rach!  You are the best friend to me that I could ever hope for, and such an inspiration!  I am grateful to have you in my life everyday!  I Love You!!!!  To many, Many, MANY more girl beach trips!!!! xoxox


eat.drink.be Kari


Orange-Scented French Toast

Orange Scented

French Toast

(GO VOLS!!!)

With Local, Organic, GrassFed Sausage

With Local, Organic, GrassFed Sausage & Organic Pure Maple Syrup

I made this over the weekend and it was delish & super easy! The kids and hubby GOBBLED IT UP!!!!

I used Challah Bread. Sooooo good with these flavors! You can find it at your local store bakery. Sure makes a killer French Toast!


The Egg/Custard Mixture was easy. I didn’t measure anything, just threw it all into a large bowl, whisked it, and it turned out great!  This is approx what I think I used, measurement-wise! And it depends on how many slices you want to make. I did 3/4 of the loaf (prob 8-10 slices). Increase egg and milk if you want to do more! 🙂


So to make this you need:

  • 1 Loaf Challah Bread
  • 5 Organic Eggs
  • 3/4 cup Organic Milk (I used 2%)
  • Zest of 1 ORGANIC Orange (peel and serve fruit with breakfast!)
  • 2 T Organic Coconut Palm Sugar (it’s unrefined and brown.  Delish!!!)
  • 2 T Ceylon Cinnamon

Dip bread in to coat. Let absorb liquid for 20 seconds and flip!


Let Bread Drip Off Excess.  Melt Knob of Organic Butter on Preheated Skillet Over Med to Med-Low.


Cook Slow and Low until Golden Brown.


Flip & Repeat.