Hawaiian Salty Dog

Hawaiian Salty Dog


Simple.  Refreshing.  Tasty.

This drink is absolutely PERFECT for these hot summer days!  The crisp, tart grapefruit juice instantly perks you up. Enjoy!


The Hawaiian Salty Dog Ingredients


Vodka of Choice

Fresh Grapefruit

Perrier Lime

Hawaiian Black Volcano Sea Salt

Fresh Lime

Artisanal Ice

Spread a thin layer of Black Lava Salt on a small plate or saucer large enough to cover the diameter of the glass you are using.  Cut a lime wedge and coat the rim of the rocks glass with lime juice to moisten.  Gently dip the rim of the glass into the Salt to evenly cover the entire rim.  Carefully place ice in the now Salt-Rimmed Glass (feel free to omit this step if you do not care for Salt!!!).

Using your preferred Vodka, fill glass 1/3 of the way up, or a dash more, depending on how strong you take it.  Fill up 3/4 more with Fresh Grapefruit Juice (I simply squeeze about half a grapefruit into a cup, pour it in, and that is the perfect amount).  Last, top with a splash of Lime Perrier to give it a pop of carbonation (you can substitute any sparkling water).  Gently mix with a spoon, carefully….don’t mess up your gorgeous rim!  ENJOY!!!






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