Baked Camembert Wreath

Happy Holidays!!!


The Tree is Trimmed…so it must be time for Prosecco, Pear Nectar, Ginger Liquor and Pomegranate Arils.…a delicious concoction….Try It IMMEDIATELY, you won’t be disappointed!


These Rudolph Pancakes for the kids Christmas Eve Breakfast were a hit!!!  And pretty simple to make.  Bacon Antlers, Banana and Blueberry Eyes and a cute Strawberry (or Raspberry) Nose <3

Happy New Year to You and Yours!!!

I don’t know about you, but my Holiday was a whirlwind of crazy, happy, exhausting fun.  We ate too much, we drank too much….but, lucky for you, I was constantly making cocktails, apps, food and desserts….it felt like,  24/7.  On the plus side, now I can share them with you!  First, my most requested recipe: Camembert Holiday Ring.  Not only is it stunningly gorgeous, it is simple to make and beyond delicious…… of my biggest party hits this season!  I hope y’all enjoy it as much as we did…a few times!!!  Feast your eyes upon this, and imagine the amazing smells……

Baked Camembert Wreath with Rosemary, Garlic, Honey and Pomegranate Arils

I mean, you have absolutely no idea what a hit and a super huge crowd pleaser this is!  Give it a shot.  The prep is super easy, but the rolls take a LONG time to rise.  Make sure you give yourself 3 HOURS to let the frozen rolls rise, or 2 HOURS if the rolls are thawed.

Trust me, it is worth the wait!!!



Camembert Cheese in box
Frozen Parkerhouse Style Yeast Rolls
Garlic Slivers
Honey to drizzle over the cheese
Fresh Pomegranate Arils

Organic Rosemary sprigs
Organic Cracked Black Pepper

Maldon Sea Salt

Cover a large baking pan with parchment paper (or use a baking or pizza stone). Place the Camembert IN THE BOX in the center of the baking pan. Arrange frozen dough balls into 2 Circles surrounding the Cheese….be sure to leave about a little space in between the rolls and between the circles.  Remove Cheese and Refrigerate until ready to bake. Thaw Rolls in a warm, draft-free area for a hour. Then, allow rolls to rise (double in size) for another 2 hours.
When the rolls are almost ready, its time to prepare the cheese!  Cut slivers into the cheese and stud with garlic slices. Poke small Rosemary branches into the cheese. Drizzle with honey, EVOO, and Fresh Black Pepper. When the rolls have risen and you are ready to bake, brush rolls gently with melted butter. Place Prepared Camembert into the middle of the wreath of Rolls in the cheese box it came in!  Bake 375° for 13 – 15 minutes or until Camembert is melted and Rolls are golden brown. Using parchment paper, slide wreath off onto serving platter, or go for the rustic look and serve as is!  To Serve: Brush Rolls with Butter (yes, again!!!) and sprinkle with Maldon Sea Salt, Pomegranate Arils, and Fresh Chopped Rosemary and a drizzle of fresh Honey (if desired).  TIP: Let Cool for at least 5 minutes before cutting into the cheese….so it has time to set back up a bit and is not too runny.


~ Impress Your Guests, Relax, pour some Prosecco and Enjoy ~


I hope you make this and knock it out of the park!  This does serve a bunch of people, so if it is a small dinner party or cocktail party, you can always use half the amount of rolls and cut the baking time a bit.  Don’t be fooled by the little bitty frozen rolls….they really proof and rise and turn into a generous sized yeast roll!


Can’t wait to share more with you all!

                Merry Merry & Happy Everything!!!


Eat, Drink & Be Kari


Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Roasted Cabbage “Steaks” & Bacon Wrapped Red Pepper

 with Rosemary Mustard Roasted Reds

Farm Fresh Ingredients

Farm Fresh Ingredients


How gorgeous are these farm fresh goodies?!?! I mean, WOW.  Simply stunning. There’s nothing I love more than roaming through my Local Farmers Market and pick up some gorgeous produce (and, who are we kidding…possibly some cheese, maybe some honey….and, really, who can escape without a loaf of crusty fresh baked bread….).  I can’t wait to create a meal out of this! Here’s what I came up with.  And, it was absolutely, mouthwateringly delicious.  I turned a simple cabbage into a hearty “steak” of a meal.  You won’t even believe how filling it is.  It was so darn good, I just had to share it with y’all!

This is what a Bacon Wrapped Red Pepper Cabbage Steak looks like before it goes into the oven!

This is what a Bacon Wrapped Red Pepper Cabbage Steak looks like before it goes into the oven!

Honestly, this is so easy to make, it’s going to blow your mind you’ve never cooked cabbage this way before.  I’m not a superhuge fan of cooked cabbage.  Especially if it gets all smushy and mushy and slimy.  No thank you, I’ll pass.  Now, when you ROAST it something divine happens…it caramelizes and crisps and is so wonderfully delicious that you forget you’re eating cabbage.

Red New Potatoes, Rosemary and Garlic

Red New Potatoes, Rosemary and Garlic

I bought some red potatoes and was feeling kinda lazy, so I decided to do a one pan roast.  Who’s not for easy clean up, am I right!?!?!  I cut a few long stems of Rosemary from my garden and placed the red potatoes and a few whole garlic cloves on top.  Drizzled with EVOO and seasoned with Salt and Pepper.

Sliced and Seasoned Cabbage "Steaks"

Sliced and Seasoned Cabbage “Steaks”

Next, slice the Cabbage and Onion into large round discs.  Layer the Onion slice on top of the Cabbage slice.  Season with EVOO, salt & pepper.

Bacon Wrapped Red Pepper with Jalapeño

Bacon Wrapped Red Pepper with Jalapeño

Unfortunately, I didn’t take step-by-step pics of the bacon wrapped peppers.  No worries, its super simple.  Just slice the Red Pepper into chunky pieces.  Take a slice of jalapeño and place it inside the red pepper.  Then, take a slice of nice applewood bacon and wrap it around the 2 peppers.  I used a few different methods for wrapping…the basket-weave, the spiral, the wrap and tuck.  They all turned out perfect.  So, do whatever works for that particular hunk of pepper!  I also added a small slice of jalapeño on top so that my diners would know a jalapeño was inside. TIP: I would NOT recommend leaving it on top (like I did!!!!) while you roast it.  Leave it off and add the fresh green jalapeño on top before serving.  That way my guests know their dish may have a kick, but the small jalapeño piece on top won’t burn in the oven and looks wayyyy prettier!

That Red Pepper is snug all wrapped up in baaaaacon!

That Red Pepper looks all snug and delicious wrapped up in baaaaacon!


And, if you notice the potatoes in the background, I had a little bacon and red pepper leftover.  No to waste, I tucked it in between the rosemary potatoes and let the bacon drippings kick up the flavor!  This turned out to be an excellent idea.  TIP: Keep the bacon strips on the larger side if you use any in the potatoes so it will all cook evenly!

Here's a Birds Eye View

Here’s a Birds Eye View

Not too shabby for a one pan dinner!

If you don't like spice, you can always use a fresh herb (basil) instead.  But, top it AFTER roasting!!!

If you don’t like spice, you can always use a fresh herb (basil) instead. But, top it AFTER roasting!!!

Pop into a preheated oven!


Just imagine that bacon grease dripping down the onion and over the cabbage seasoning each bite from start to finish!

Roast 400 for 35-45 mins until desired doneness.

Potatoes are Perfect!

Potatoes are Perfect!

Spoon the Roasted Reds into a bowl.  Add any crispy, non-burnt pieces of Rosemary and squeeze the roasted Garlic out too!  Don’t leave that little piece of deliciousness behind!!!

Roasted Red Potatoes with Mustard, Rosemary & Roasted Garlic

Roasted Red Potatoes with Mustard, Rosemary & Roasted Garlic

To finish the potatoes, add a dollop of Whole Grain Mustard.  Season with Salt and Pepper and add a dash of EVOO if needed.

This is how we like it!

This is how we like it!

“Desired Doneness” is personal preference.  Our household (read: my hubby) likes bacon extra crispy (read: burnt!!!).  We also like the cabbage more done and crispy on the sides and top.  Feel free to take it out sooner or later depending on how you like it!

Cabbage Steaks, who knew?!?!

Cabbage Steaks, who knew?!?!

I served this to my husband and his best buddy Travis.  They are meat eaters…..def not vegetarians.  They both DEVOURED this!  I couldn’t believe how much they raved over it.  I was not expecting such delicious results!

Plate It Up!

Plate It Up!

Looking good, but see….this is where the fresh jalapeño or herb would look loverly on top instead of my seriously roasted chipotle pepper (read: burnt jalapeño).

Served with a side of Farm Fresh Corn with Local Butter and Sea Salt

Served with a side of Farm Fresh Corn with Local Butter and Sea Salt

Last, lightly drizzle a nice Aged Balsamic over the Steaks or use a Balsamic Glaze.  This puts it right over the top!

Fresh Tomatoes with Spicy Thai Cucumbers

Fresh Tomatoes with Spicy Sweet Thai Cucumbers

I also served a fresh, light side of Tomatoes & Thai Cucumbers.  Amazing.

Yeah, I'm gonna need to share this recipe with y'all soon!

Yeah, I’m gonna need to share this recipe with y’all soon!

Plate and DEVOUR!!!

Ready to Eat!!!

Ready to Eat!!!



Roasted Cabbage “Steaks”

1 Organic Cabbage, outer leaves pulled off, then sliced into rounds

1 Large Onion, sliced into rounds (I used Vidalia)

1 Red Pepper, sliced into chunks

Applewood Smoked Bacon, sliced in half if necessary (just need enough to wrap pepper)

1 Jalapeño, sliced into rounds (deseeded if you want less heat)

Good Quality EVOO

Good Quality Aged Balsamic

Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

*Preheat Oven 400. Lightly Spray Baking Sheet with Non-Stick Olive Oil Cooking Spray.  Lay Cabbage Rounds down first, then place the Onion Rounds on top.  Drizzle with EVOO, Salt & Pepper.  Slice Red Pepper into long chunks, place a jalapeño slice inside (if using) and wrap with bacon.  Place the “tucked sides” underneath the bottom of the pepper and put the bacon wrapped pepper “tucked side down” on top of the onion.  Roast 35-45 mins until bacon is done and cabbage edges are brown and crispy!  Remove and carefully transfer to plate.  Drizzle with a nice Aged Balsamic before serving.


TIP: You can make this dish completely vegetarian by omitting the bacon wrapped pepper.  Cabbage Steaks are still delicious!  Add the Onion or leave it plain…..just add some garlic to up the flavor some!  I’ll post a recipe soon for Garlic Roasted Cabbage Steaks!

I also made this for the first time (as pictured) using parchment paper because I was afraid of the cabbage sticking to the baking sheet.  I found that when I used the parchment paper, the bottom of the cabbage steak didn’t brown and crisp as much.  So, in the directions I changed that part.  Feel free to experiment!


Rosemary Mustard Roasted Red Potatoes

Red Potatoes

Fresh Rosemary Sprigs

Applewood Bacon Slices

Red Pepper Slices

Whole Garlic Cloves


Sea Salt

Fresh Cracked Pepper

1-2  T Whole Grain Mustard

*Preheat Oven 400.  Spray Baking Sheet with Non-Stick Olive Oil Cooking Spray.  Lay Potatoes, Garlic, and Bacon & Red Pepper Slices ON TOP of Rosemary Sprigs.  Drizzle with EVOO, Sea Salt & Pepper.  Roast 35-45 mins until done.  Transfer to bowl and add 1-2  T Whole Grain Mustard. (you just need enough to lightly coat the potatoes.  Add 1 tsp EVOO if needed.) Season with Salt and Pepper.  Enjoy!  TIP: Be sure to add any delightful crispy bits of Rosemary that made it through the roasting without getting burnt!


I hope y’all try this.  You won’t be disappointed!



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